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Before visiting to journal website read the information that will be helpful to you

 ABDC Diary Quality Rundown: The ABDC Diary Quality Rundown is a rundown of diaries assessed by the Australian Business Senior Members Board (ABDC). The rundown incorporates journals from everywhere in the world and is refreshed routinely. You can track down the rundown on the ABDC site.

Scopus: Scopus is an information base of scholastic diaries and other insightful writing. Scopus records countless ABDC diaries. You can scan Scopus for ABDC diaries by utilizing the “ABDC diary quality rundown branch of knowledge” channel.

Web of Science: Web of Science is one more data set of scholastic diaries and other academic writing. Web of Science likewise records countless ABDC diaries. You can scan the Snare of Science for ABDC diaries by utilizing the “ABDC diary quality rundown” channel.

Whenever you recognize an ABDC diary, you can look at the diary’s site to check whether it is listed in Scopus or Web of Science. You can likewise utilize the diary’s site to get familiar with the diary’s accommodation and organization necessities.

ABDC Journals Link

  1. Academy of Management Journal

2. Administrative Science Quarterly

3. Journal of Management

4. Management Science

5. Organization Science

6. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

7. Organizational-behavior-and-human-decision-processes Strategic Management Journal

8. Business Horizons

9. California Management Review

10. Harvard Business Review

11. Journal of Business Ethics

12. Journal of International Business Studies

13. Journal of Organizational Behavior

14. Journal of Product Innovation Management

15. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

16. Knowledge Management Research & Practice

17. Long Range Planning

18. MIT Sloan Management Review

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